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"Tobacco and Tobacco Products Analysis, Research and Development Laboratory” is established according to the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Tobacco and Alcohol Department and Istanbul Medeniyet University. In the world and in our country, the usage of tobacco and tobacco products is widespread and it has also become one of the most important public health problems due to the negative effects of the substances in its smoke on human health. To solve this problem, the World Health Organization (WHO) prepared the first international treaty “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)” on 21 May 2003. This agreement was also accepted by our country with the Law No. 5261 and entered into force on 30 November 2004. Within the scope of the "National Tobacco Control Program" announced in 2006, it is aimed to establish an accredited laboratory in line with national and international standard regulations for the evaluation and measurement of the content, emissions of tobacco and tobacco products for product control and informing the consumer in coordination with WHO TobLabNet (Tobacco Laboratory Network). It is planned to become a member of the TobLabNet network after the national, independent, scientifically audited and accredited measurement laboratory meets the necessary criteria.

In this laboratory, the analyzes will be carried out during the production, export, import, and placing on the market stages of tobacco products. It is aimed to contribute to the country's economy by ensuring that the analyzes made abroad are carried out in the country. The internationally accredited laboratory has also the capacity to meet the analysis demands from abroad. The fact that the laboratory has been established within the university allows it to contribute to the research and development of existing tobacco and tobacco products analysis techniques.

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