Science and Advanced Technologies Research Center

Research-Development Laboratories

Optimization of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process of textile industry wastewater in an intermittent ventilated membrane bioreactor, IMU BAP, Prof. Dr. Erkan ŞAHİNKAYA

Maximizing Energy Saving Potential by Treating Textile Industry Wastewater and Recovering Organic Matter with the Super-Speed ​​Membrane Bioreactor (SHMBR) Process, Tübitak 1001, Asst. Prof. Senem TEKSOY BAŞARAN

Coating the Surfaces of Polymeric Micro/Nanoporous Materials and Examining the Effects of Substance Transfer/Transport, IMU BAP, Asst. Prof. Dila KAYA

Investigation of the biological effects of carnozole and carnosic acid derivatives, which are components of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), on some metabolic enzymes, IMU BAP, Asst. Prof. Zeynep KÖKSAL

Determination of the coastal microalgae and cyanobacteria diversity of Horseshoe Island, creation of a culture collection and evaluation of the general biotechnological characteristics of the cultured species, Tübitak 1001, Prof. Dr. Turgay ÇAKMAK

Production of Nanofiber Resistant to Physiological Conditions by Using Electrical Spinning Method from Collagen Obtained from Leather with Alternative Methods, Tübitak ARDEB 3001-Start R&D, Prof. Dr. Murat KAZANCI

Design and Prototype Production of a Device That Can Produce Bionanofiber by Electrospinning and Centrifugal Spinning Methods, Tübitak 1512 BIGG, Inst. See. Enes ATAŞ

Infrastructure Project for the Establishment of Nanofiber Production Laboratory, IMU BAP, Prof. Dr. Murat KAZANCI

Identification of Small Organic Drug Candidates that Slow the Destruction of Cryptochrome (Cry) Protein for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, Tübitak ARDEB 1003-Priority Areas, Asst. Prof. Cihan AYDIN

Investigation of the Role of Interferon-Triggerable Transmembrane Protein 1 (Ifitm1) in Circadian Rhythm - Immune System Communication, Tübitak ARDEB 3501-Career, Asst. Prof.  Cihan AYDIN

Development of Sensitive New Generation Nanoluc Luciferase Clock Reporter Plasmids to be Used in the Discovery of Tissue-Specific Molecular Mechanisms Related to the Biological Clock, Tübitak ARDEB 3001-Startup R&D, Asst. Prof. Cihan AYDIN

Tracking of Moving Targets with An Aerial Robot, TUBITAK 2210/C National MSc Scholarship Program in the Priority Fields in Science and Technology, M. Koray Yılmaz, Asst. Prof. Haluk BAYRAM

Design and Implementation of A Low-cost Fixed-wing Aerial Robot for Supporting Forest Inventory, TUBITAK 2209-A - Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students, Ahmet Buğra BÜYÜKARSLAN, Umut DUMANDAĞ,  Asst. Prof. Haluk BAYRAM

Autonomous Navigation of Multi-rotor Aerial Robot in Forest and Generating Forest Inventory, TUBITAK 2209-A - Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students, Ferdi DUMANDAĞ, Ebrar ŞAHİN, Asst. Prof. Haluk BAYRAM

Risk-aware Autonomous Landing of Aerial Robots in Forest, TUBITAK 2209-A - Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students, Derya KARA, Asst. Prof. Haluk BAYRAM

Design and Implementation of Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Water Quality Monitoring, TUBITAK 2209-A - Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students, Furkan SARIYILDIZ, Denizhan ARAS, Asst. Prof. Haluk BAYRAM

Demonstration of the development of scientific knowledge in the Islamic world via the example of instrumentation, İMÜ BAP, Asst. Prof. Taha Yasin ARSLAN

Investigating Molecular Basis of Serine Metabolism in Cancer Cells, Tübitak ARDEB 1001, Asst. Prof. Burcu YÜCEL, Ph.D. Thesis: Res. Asst. Saniye ADA

Exploiting the role of TMEM97 (Transmembrane Protein 97) in regulation of cholesterol metabolism in cancer cells, TÜBİTAK, Asst. Prof. Burcu YÜCEL, Scholar: Res. Asst. Saniye ADA

Investigation of Antibody Dynamics to SARSCoV2 in the Infected and Vaccinated, İMÜ BAP, Prof. Dr. Mücahide Esra KOÇOĞLU

In vitro investigation of susceptibility to ceftazidim-avibactam in carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae strains, İMÜ BAP, Prof. Dr. Mücahide Esra KOÇOĞLU

Comparison of Brown Fat Tissue-Related Hormone Levels in Metabolic Healthy And Unhealthy Obese, İMÜ BAP, Asst. Prof. Hacer Hicran MUTLU, Researcher: Res. Asst. Saniye ADA

Post-Graduate Education Program of Medical Pharmacology, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Berna TERZİOĞLU BEBİTOĞLU, Students: Dr. Nebile HATİPOĞLU and Dr. Özkan KAM

Effect of Chemical Solutions Used in Fingerprint Development on DNA Profiling, Study of Time Effect with Spectroscopic Techniques for Analysis of Different Ink Types and Study of Effects of Different Paper Surfaces on Ink Analysis with Spectroscopic Techniques, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nuriye AKBAY, Students: Selin YÖRKCÜ, Dilara Nur HACIFAZLIOĞLU and Ümmügülsüm MİRZANLI

Development of a Simulator for definition of Quantum Transmission Properties of Sub 10 Nanometers Nano Fets, Tübitak 1001, Asst. Prof. İbrahim GENÇ

An integrative approach for melanoma therapy: combining computational drug repositioning and molecular docking methods with in vitro validation experiments, TUSEB, Asst. Prof. Saliha Ece ACUNER

Synthesis and  characterization of targeted nanoparticles and investigation of their effects on amyloid toxicity, İMÜ BAP, Assoc. Prof. Nagehan ERSOY TUNALI

Developing a novel in vitro therapy approach in prostate cancer: Cotargeting cancer metabolism and stemness, İMÜ BAP, Asst. Prof. Ümmühan DEMİR

Studying the anti-tumor effect of a new anti-diabetic PGC1-alpha inhibitor SR-18292, Tübitak 1002, Asst. Prof. Ümmühan DEMİR