Science and Advanced Technologies Research Center

Director's Message

Esteemed researchers,

Today, the technologies needed in R&D studies required for scientific research and industrial applications are speedily and continuously diversifying and developing. Many test and analysis applications have become the subject of multidisciplinary research areas, and it can be seen that progress in technology development activities is only possible with the joint efforts of multidisciplinary research teams. From this point of view, the accessibility of advanced technology infrastructures in institutional centers, which are needed by scientific R&D activities, also plays an important role in providing the highest benefit to the research ecosystem.

At IMU-BILTAM, we are in a continuous effort to develop our infrastructure to meet the advanced research needs of our university and working for keeping it always accessible. We regard it as our mission to meet the test and analysis requests from our university, and also for other institutions and organizations. Also, we are always open for joint projects as administration and all affiliated laboratories for R&D and P&D purposes.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of science and technology in our country and to increase the competence of researchers with our advanced technology infrastructure and research team. For this purpose, I invite all scientists to meet and work together for partnerships that will contribute to the improvement of joint working culture and develop projects that are beneficial to science and society.

Kind regards,

Prof. Kürşat Ayan